Mathews Bridge Emergency Repairs Selected as FICE Project of the Year

Matthews Bridge Repair_JEAces_EmployeesThe Mathews Bridge Emergency Repairs project, completed in October, was selected as the 2013 FICE Project of the Year in the Minor Project category.

In September, the bridge was struck by a Navy supply vessel, shearing the north lower chord; buckling floor beams; and displacing the bridge vertically, horizontally, and longitudinally. A JEAces-assembled CEI team oversaw the emergency repairs done by Superior Construction Company. The repairs were completed almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and the bridge was open in time for the Florida-Georgia football game.

JEAces’ long history of working on the Mathews Bridge, one of Jacksonville’s most traveled bridges, was recognized by the City of Jacksonville and the Old Arlington Society at the 60th Anniversary and rededication of the bridge last year.

“Our JEAces team’s experience and expertise was the main reason FDOT trusted us and our close partners with this project,” Stephen Haney, PE, said.