Life at JEACES

At JEACES we enjoy the Florida lifestyle. We work hard and we play hard, and Florida provides ample opportunities to take pleasure in the activities we value the most.Our Company values the people that have made it one of the leading consulting firms in Florida. At JEACES you can experience the camaraderie that makes our firm such a unique workplace. Activities such as Company socials, community outreach events, and team activities add to the richness and enthusiasm that abounds in the JEACES culture.

Employee Incentives and Personal Growth Programs

JEACES understands the importance of training and of giving employees the opportunity to grow. We offer a mentoring program that gives employees an opportunity to receive cross-training and well-rounded professional development.

We also began our management development program to give our Company leaders the knowledge and skills they need to work with our people more effectively. JEACES also offers an intensive project management training program and sponsors speakers and trainers who conduct in-house workshops and technical seminars.

JEACES also acknowledges and rewards outstanding performance and long-term commitment. As a result, our staff is highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work and personal progress.

Social Events

JEAces’ socials are lively and fun. Employees gather at these special events to enjoy themselves, relax, and unwind. We frequently hold Friday afternoon employee socials, where you can enjoy the company of co-workers while sharing good food and music. A holiday party is also held annually at each of our office locations to celebrate successes and to show appreciation for a year’s work well done.

In addition, JEAces holds tailgate parties for each home-game of the University of Florida Gators football team. These casual parties are a great setting in which to interact with clients and fellow co-workers while enjoying food and a lively team-spirited sporting event.

Other social staples include summer picnics, fall festivals, and pot luck lunches. Each office develops its own special combination of social events. Some have been known to travel between offices to enjoy time with their co-workers at the different office events.

Community Involvement

JEAces is involved in the communities it works in. Our people are committed to helping others in need, improving the quality of life, and conserving the environment. As a result, JEAces sponsors and participates in several community outreach events throughout the year.

These events truly display the heartfelt, giving nature of the JEAces family and our willingness to go beyond the call of duty to promote and sustain the communities we live in.