JEACES to provide Cathodic Protection and Fender System Rehabilitation for FDOT District 2.

Cathodic Protection and Fender System Rehabilitation Contract in Duval and St. Johns Counties, FDOT District 2.

  • Cathodic Protection for SR-115 Bridge over Ribault and Trout River, and SR-111 Bridge of Moncrief Creek (FDOT Project No. 430480-1-52-01, Duval County): Work at Ribault River consists of installing nine galvanic pile jackets and 57 impressed current jackets or jacket extensions. At Trout River, all 23 jackets are galvanic jackets. At Moncrief Creek, the impressed current conduit and junction boxes will be replaced, along with the rectifiers and the Remote Monitoring Unit.
  • Cathodic Protection for SR-312 Bridge over the Matanzas River (FDOT Project 428229-1-52-01, St. Johns County): Work consists of installing titanium anode mesh ribbon Impressed Current Cathodic Protections (ICCP) systems at the columns, struts, and footing at several piers.
  • Cathodic Protection for US-17 over Trout River (FDOT Project No. 426169-1-52-01, Duval County): The work on this project consists of removing the existing pile jackets at the identified existing locations and installing new ICCP pile jackets for a total on 108 pile jackets, 15 are structural.
    Fender Replacement at the Mathews Bridge over the St. Johns River (FDOT Project No. 209451-1-52-01, Duval County): Work consists of replacing the existing timber fender with composite fender panel materials and polymeric piles, replacing the navigation light, and replacing the access catwalks with primarily composite materials.