JEACES Team Recognized at Mathews Bridge 60th Anniversary

Stephen Haney, on behalf of JEACES, received a plaque from the City of Jacksonville and the “Old Arlington” society for the 60th Anniversary and rededication of Mathews Bridge. JEAces has provided project management and inspection services for nearly every FDOT project on this bridge over the past 15 years, including the ongoing major rehabilitation of the truss spans and the widely publicized replacement of the open grating with a lightweight concrete deck in 2007, which won an award from the American Concrete Institute.

The Mathews Bridge, named after John E. Mathews, a state legislator and Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, opened up Arlington and the east side of Jacksonville to major change and improvement in 1953.

“The 60th Anniversary celebration was a community event that recognized the bridge and its historical significance in linking Arlington and areas to the east to the rest of Jacksonville,” Stephen said. “It was nice to be able to attend the event and have our company recognized for our efforts alongside the other groups that have played a part in creating and maintaining this piece of history.”