JEACES Employees Identify Significant Savings for FDOT

JEACES employees were recently praised by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for identifying and correcting an error in a formula used to calculate Monthly Fuel Adjustments on FDOT Contracts. The resulting correction will save FDOT thousands of dollars each month in fuel reimbursements costs. Thanks to our thorough review, our staff determined that the methods (as well as the instructions) used to calculate the gallons of fuel for the Clearing and Grubbing operations on Lump Sum projects were incorrect.

FDOT’s State Final Estimate Office has confirmed that the miscalculations in several recent projects would have prevented FDOT from receiving a fuel cost credit of several hundred thousand dollars. Our staff’s efforts will result in FDOT and its Contractors receiving accurate price adjustments for fuel during Lump Sum Clearing and Grubbing operations.